our history

M&R Construction is located in central Florida, and has the experience, knowledge, talent and licenses to carry out construction, reconstruction, maintenance and adaptation projects. As a quality policy, our projects are supervised and we have processes, materials and supplies, of the highest quality, that comply with the state regulations and ensure the durability of our work.

Our team is highly qualified and has the experience that your projects deserve, they will help you to choose materials and will advise you according to your needs and budget, the best option for project.

Why you should choose M&R

We are a company with experience, we strive to maintain a communication with our customers and translate their requirements with quality and professionalism. Each of our projects has the best selection of suppliers and materials, which make our company the best selection.

Compliance with regulations and everything related to licensing and insurance means that our company can collaborate in each of its different projects. We have the best allies in terms of supplies, materials and labor for special or highly complex projects.